All About the New Mayor’s club feature in the SimCity Buildit Game

The game of SimCity Buildit became all the more interesting when it introduced its multi-player feature. Almost all the games at present have this feature, but when added to SimCity, it created an exceptional appeal. There was an altogether different opportunity to build your city with help from other cities. In the process, both the donor and receiver gained to a considerable extent. Very recently, another feature has been added to the game that has enhanced the appeal of the multiplayer version. A Mayor’s Club has been introduced. Individual players can join these clubs wherein they can chat with other players and visit other cities.

The features of the Mayors’ Clubs

The new feature of Mayor’s Club will appear in your game only when you install the updated version of SimCity Buildit. This feature has given the game a new social characteristic altogether, just as other games have conjoined with major social networking platforms.

  1. Mayor clubs can each have a maximum of 25 members. This feature gets unlocked only when you reach the 18th level of the game.
  2. The new mayors’ clubhouse will be placed close to the dock for cargo ships in their cities. The players will have to access that clubhouse.
  3. You can then create a club of your own or can join a clubhouse that already exists.
  4. To communicate with your group members, you have to join the group chat. Then you can discuss with another player regarding tips, resources, tricks, etc.

All About Creating a Mayor’s Club

The creation of the club will make you the club president. Thus you can preside over discussions regarding strategies. You also are in a more advantageous position than the other members in the context of trading activities.

  1. Create a club by clicking on the create option found in the club menu. You have to choose a name for your club and add a description about the club. This is based on the main purpose of forming the club.
  2. You can send invitations to several players. The invitation is applicable for players who have reached level 18 of the game. The membership is valid for seven days.
  3. You can invite a single player only once. The same player cannot be invited again if he has not accepted or rejected the invitation.


The Important rules regarding the feature

  1. There are three kinds of clubs. They are open, closed and private clubs. In the case of open clubs, joining is unrestricted. Private clubs require acceptance by a member, while the closed ones require acceptance by the president or the vice-president.
  2. The presidents of the club have all the authority regarding removal or addition of members. They can promote other members to higher positions too.

The performance of each player Improves

These clubs have made it much easier for the players of SimCity Buildit to flourish in their game. You can discuss in details about tips and tricks from experienced players in the game. There is the give and take of the knowledge of the game which brings about better performance from all users. With this resource available you need less use of Simcity buildit hack. In the process, the value of the game enhances. The addition of this clubs feature has given the game a standard social feature that is on par with many other such games.

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